We Believe Studying Shouldn't Be Boring.

Start studying for free with Kupiter, a game-based educational tool.

Welcome to Kupiter, a fast-paced and fun studying game, designed to study any flashcards, vocabulary, or test review. This explosive and exciting game is an engaging and effective way to study anytime, anywhere.

Features that boost studying habits:

Works on Any Device.
Study with Kupiter, anytime, anywhere.

Explosions, Power-Ups, and More.
Make learning and studying a game, not a chore.

Real-Time Leaderboards.
Students compete for the highest score. Teachers display a constantly updating leaderboard in their classrooms.

Create and Share Question Sets.
Make sets of questions and answers, called question sets, and share your work with others.

Quizlet Integration.
Import any of Quizlet's 100 million flashcard sets into Kupiter in seconds.

How it Works:

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