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Kupiter is a fast-paced, space-themed studying game, built and designed to study any flashcards, vocabulary, or test review. Kupiter takes a “games first” approach to studying - meaning that the game was developed to be a game, and a studying tool that would keep students engaged and interested. Whether you're a reluctant learner or at the top of the class, this explosive and addictive game is an engaging and effective way to study anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

Start by loading a question set. Question sets can be accessed from a link shared by a friend or teacher, or by searching our database for existing question sets. Question sets can also be imported from Quizlet, uploaded from a spreadsheet file, or created by our question editor. When the game starts, a question will appear at the top of the screen, a ship will spawn in the center, and asteroids with letters on them will be flying around. You control the ship with the arrow keys and shoot using the spacebar or the "m" key. Shoot the asteroids in the correct order to spell out the answer and advance to the next question.


  • Works on any device - Kupiter can be played at school, at home, or on-the-go thanks to an adaptive and responsive playing style. This means that students can study anytime, anywhere.

  • Explosions, power-ups, and more - Kupiter is one of the few educational games that focuses on a fun experience for the students as well as the teachers. Neat, polished graphics and well-thought-out game mechanics result in fun and exciting gameplay.

  • Real-time leaderboards - When a student finishes a question set, they can submit their name to that question set's leaderboard, and students can compete for the highest score. Teachers can display a real-time leaderboard in their classrooms, which automatically updates as students submit their scores.

  • Create and share question sets - Teachers can make sets of questions and answers called question sets. Question sets can be shared with others via a link or Google Classroom, and a game is automatically started with the questions when someone visits the link.

  • Quizlet Integration - Questions can be imported directly from Quizlet, the worlds largest flashcard database consisting of over 100 million question sets, in seconds.


Created by 16-year-old Kevin Champagne. Started July 7th, 2016


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